Providing leadership training for Pastors / church leaders, CEOs, and all other people in leadership positions, has long been an emphasis of Pastor Elijah Sebuchu and Global Discipleship Ministries (GDM) at large.

It is our goal each year to organize and host an international Pastors'/leaders convention at Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC).
We are prayerfully looking for Christian University/Bible institutes from North America to support us establish a Bible College at Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC)

This much required Bible College will provide Bible-based leadership training to church ministers and to lay people who want to add a Christian perspective to their profession. Speakers and teachers that have excelled in different areas of Christian service, leadership, and management, both in and outside of Uganda, are being sought out to provide part-time training in their areas of specialization.


This annual conference takes place in April of every year.
It brings together hundreds of pastors and leaders from different churches, ministries,
institutions etc. given that the biggest number of pastors in Uganda have not had the
opportunity for college training, this conference is a huge blessing to the Body of Jesus Christ in Uganda.


Dynamic speakers.
Financial support to be able to host our next pastors & leaders conference at KICC.
Note: Other than the annual P&L CONFERENCE AT KICC in april, we host 5 other
pastors and leaders conferences in the different districts of Uganda.
We need your prayers.